What We Do

VGM Group offers professional services to help our business customers grow, take advantage of opportunity, and sustain their competitive advantage. We are knowledgeable employee owners who care about our customers’ success.

We began as a group purchasing organization for providers of health medical equipment, and for 30 years we’ve been continuing to build up communities, primarily in the healthcare space. We’ve expanded these relationships to bring solutions to an array of other industries—no matter their challenges.

We’re the bridge to expert business solutions.

Today, our offerings connect more than 25,000 companies to solutions and resources that simplify the complexity of doing business—administered by knowledgeable employee owners who understand the challenges businesses face.

Put simply, VGM Group lets businesses focus on what matters most—their customers.

Our focus

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance & financial
  • Security & technology
  • Legislative & regulatory

When we connect, we create opportunity that builds on itself.